Age of Creativity Festival 2020

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Welcome to the England-wide Age of Creativity Festival (1 - 31 May each year) which celebrates older people as creative audiences, participants, volunteers and artists. The secret to its success is the vast number of events that you organise in addition to the small number of national events we do. The festival is a platform to celebrate, profile and market the hundreds of opportunities that already exist for older people to take part in creative activities, alongside new events you organise specifically for May.

The festival is a rich tapestry of creative activities, events, performances and ideas that are shared in a variety of places including care homes, village halls and community centres, as well as theatres, libraries and arts centres. If you have an event that you'd like to feature in our festival then upload it here and we will market it on your behalf for free. If you upload before 1st March then it could also feature in one of our 5 printed regional brochures that will be distributed across the country by Age UK. There's no catch - we simply want to support your efforts in facilitating more older people to enjoy creative opportunities.

Our theme for 2020 is Reaching Out, though not exclusively so. We recognise it can be more challenging for some people to get involved than others and we want to be inclusive as almost half the population are over 50, we have some serious work to do to ‘reach out’ and connect with everyone.

Equal Arts Baltic Challenge

May is a Creative Festival month in England and The Age of Creativity festival collaborates with, Get Creative, London Arts and Health Forum and Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance to maximise our impact:

Your event may be eligible to feature in more than one festival during May, so please check out our partners and ensure you are getting all of the support and profile you can. You can add content here until May, so if you have anything you would like to include, please upload it.